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With thousands of bottles sold and hundreds of satisfied customers, it’s no wonder why Phen-ES is the alternate product of choice of Phentermine. With no side effects and powerful results, you can increase your mood, energy and kick your metabolism into high gear.

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Appetite? What appetite?

I just started taking these and since I’m not used to taking anything of this nature who doesn’t want to lose a couple extra pounds? Not sure of exactly how this works but I definitely noticed a big decrease in my appetite which to me is always a good thing! Can’t wait to see what I accomplish in the next month or so, so far great product!!


Amazing Energy!

I have tried a few different weight loss pills in the past, Phen-ES has been one of the best so far! I waited about 3 weeks of use prior to writing this review so I can get a good idea as to how well these work. So far, I cannot complain at all and very happy with my results!

With Phen-ES, I have not experienced any unwanted side effects at all, no abdominal cramping, no burping. The pills themselves are tablets and get down smooth without leaving any bad taste in my mouth.

Overall, I am very happy with Phen-ES. I would highly recommend this product as a supplement to a healthy balanced diet and exercise.


I absolutely love them. It is a great alternative to phentermine!

I have been taking these pills a few days now, which is why I had waited to write a review. I absolutely love them. It is a great alternative to phentermine, which I had been taking prior to trying over the counter options. The product gives you the kick that phentermine is well known for.

My moods have been elevated, and I feel more like myself. I love everything about these pills. The energy boost is what I was looking for but found my new alternative to phentermine, allowing myself to not have to visit a physician every month and lower my out of pocket expenses.

Heather Ottinger